Anybody who thinks for one minute that Islamists don’t have it in for Canada might want to reconsider now, after the attack in which Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot to death on Parliament Hill and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was run down in French-Canada.

Both murders are acts of terrorism.

Wake the fuck up my fellow Canadians; there are too many Islamists living and breeding in Canada, and its time to put an end to it, the terrorist acts committed this week in Canada giving Canadians even more reason to remove every man, woman and child of Muslim descent out of Canada.

Round up every last one of them and ship them the fuck out of Canada. They are barbaric, cowardly, evil and vile, and there is no room for Muslims in Canada, EVER!

Get rid of them all.

Seriously, Canadians would sleep so much better if every man, woman and child of Muslim descent was booted out of Canada.


And rest in peace Cpl. Nathan Cirrillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.