Genocidial Thoughts Of Islam: Kill Every Fecking One Of Them

After working and living with an Egyptian Muslim, I think the world would be a better place without that kind of barbaric religion, and recent events in Syria and Iraq as the worldwide media puts it, makes my case, as does the fact that I lived with what I would consider an extreme Muslim, albeit one that is really into porn. I have to wonder just how much of sincere Muslim he is after accidentally finding porn on his Mac computer. He had a video of an Indian woman “taking it” doggy style

And to top it all off, he’s a doctor that one of the shires in New South Wales is paying almost half-a-million dollars a year to practice medicine in the town of Brewarrina.

By the way the authorities that be in Australia, how much of his money do you think is financing ISIS?

Naah, after spending a month working for the doctor and living under the same roof as him, and of course the events going on in the Middle East, I consider Islamist as being nothing more barbarians. They aren’t in for anything but the rewards the spoils of war bring them. Their battle has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with profiteering. Its kind of like the Philistines, who back in their barbaric days, just looted, murdered and raped women for their own personal gain.

Oh how proud the prophet Mohammed must be of them.

Genocide, when it comes to exterminating Islamists, is the only way to go and its time the U.S. and its allies took a “killed or be killed” approach when it comes to those particular deviants of society.

Annihilate the motherfuckers! That’s what I think should happen to all Islamists and its barbaric followers.

Just saying man.

And if you’re a Muslim on my Facebook friends list, now would be a good time to remove yourself if I don’t remove you first.