Canada’s treatment of aboriginal people faces global scrutiny

CC grew up in Canada, and while being gainfully employed in that country, I spent many, many hours with members from the indigenous community, and in fact was a therapeutic foster parent for more than a just a couple of native Canadian indigenous children back in this blogger’s Calgary days.

To this day I remain in contact with some of the people I worked with while living and working in Regina and Calgary.

Tell you what folks, Canada’s natives are not doing any better than they were doing back in the day, back when some native children were placed in this blogger’s care.

A therapeutic foster home — how many of this blogger’s followers know what that is, what its all about, and what it takes to manage one. Yeah that’s right, CC knows some fecking things about foster care in Alberta, and children from dysfunctional families in Saskatchewan.

In both provinces the children who were placed in care back when this blogger worked as a childcare worker, foster parent, program facilitator for paroled federal inmates (yeah that’s right — been there done that too in my life time), blah, blah, blah not to mention some time at Dr. Gordon Townsend School in the Alberta Children’s Hospital. This blogger has experienced and knows some shit about welfare and social services in Canada, and what the feck is going on with the native population.

And between you and Crooked in Canada, CC and his de facto partner were once nominated for a Foster Parent of the Year Award in Alberta. Yeah, really. Too bad about that teenager I punched for threatening my de facto during what was a 4 or five hour episode perpetuated by an asshole whose mother really didn’t give a feck about him — not enough to change her ways so that the youth in question could be returned to his mother’s care.

Naah, his mom just didn’t give a shit, and that is how he ended up in our suburban home in Calgary, as did a few native children; one as young as five, and believe it or not, still in diapers.

BJ couldn’t talk — but he was a natural when it come to playing baseball in the backyard.

Believe it or not, this blogger once had to take this particular child for a supervised home visit on a reserve not far from Cochrane, Alberta.

What a feckin’ experience that turned out to be.

So now and as it has been for a while, Canada is taking heat for the way its indigenous population is living and being treated. Bullshit to that United Nations and anyone else who is on the same page as the UN every time they accuse Canada of treating its native population like shit.

That is old and unproven allegation in this blogger’s lifetime so far.

What fecking nonsense — total feckin’ bullshit.

Blame the aboriginal leaders if the finger of blame must be pointed at a tribal leader or elder. They fecked up and maybe a few of them even lined their pockets with all that money the federal government has given them during pretty much this 51-year-old blogger’s entire lifetime.

Just making an observation man.

Native leaders, try as the might, have done nothing but cash in; cash in a little for the band and the reservation, and cash in big time for themselves. You will never, ever convince this blogger (due respect for my native FB friends) that native leaders across one of the best countries to live in, are not responsible for the living conditions  his or her people, and their failure to evolve with generations and society.

This blogger is sorry, but he has seen a lot of and has been in a lot of, shit with aboriginals in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta and you know what, seeing what is going on today, many, many years later, is no fecking different than it was back in this blogger’s social services industry days.

Stop blaming the government for what the native leaders have not done for their people.¬† The Indians have nobody to blame but them fecking selves and should have done something about their leaders a long fecking time ago — like make them accountable for their many failures of their people.

Just saying that the United Nations is full of shit when it comes to plight of aboriginals in Canada.

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