Until recently I was living and working at a cattle station in WA (a great experience by the way) where I always felt that the new rules of engagement for asylum seekers PM Julia Gillard and her government come up with would sooner or later cause problems for cattle station operators along the shores of Indian Ocean in Western Australia and indigenous tribes along the Timor Sea.

Where I was just a few kilometers away from Eighty Mile Beach, south of Broome (WA), and, well, asylum seeker boats could reach shore there depending on who on the boat knew what about the tides on that side of the Indian Ocean.

At low tide it is a long way to walk before an asylum seeker is safely ashore. And then there is the mud.

But if the tide was in, and the asylum seekers (especially the women and children) weren’t afraid of swimming with killer sharks in their race to the beach, they could easily reach Australia’s mainland, which in turn means that they would not be sent to another country to be processed.

And FYI PM Gillard, “If someone is brave enough to swim in those shark infested waters just off the back 40 of the cattle station I was working on, he or she definitely isn’t afraid to blow him or herself up or their fucked of interpretation of Islam.”

Essentially the prime minister has put Australians at risk with her bullshit attitude towards asylum seekers who arrive by boat and illegally into the country.

One of the rules of engagement when it comes to asylum seekers is that if a boatload of asylum seekers reach Australia’s mainland they will not be shipped off shore for processing, AND,  they will be pretty much afforded all the benefits of being a legal residence of Australia while they are being processed on shore.

That is going to cost taxpayers a shitload of money folks.

“What bullshit,” is what man in Australian are saying and Canadians would say the same thing if this kinda shit was happening in their country.

Australia’s first female prime minister (after she apparently led a coup to her unseat her boss (then PM Kevin Rudd) hasn’t done jack shit for Australians as far as many Aussies (especially in the north) are concerned when it comes to the boat people.

Never mind that there are boat loads of people arriving on Australia’s mainland a couple of times a week it seems lately, boats that may have Islamic extremists on board, there are other things she has fucked up so much more.

CC isn’t going to bore you with the details about PM Gillard has done she has been leading the country, but one thing is for sure when it comes to her across the northern end of the continent, she has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting her preferred candidates elected up there.

Footnote about asylum seeker boats: At the cattle station I was working on in the Pilbara-Kimberley region, customs and border officials know what is going on, otherwise there wouldn’t have been photographs of the kinds of vessels for us to look out for and alert authorities on, hanging up  in the kitchen I cooked in.

You know, if the Australian navy had the power to call it’s own shots when it comes to Australian waters, it would only take one asylum seeker boat to set the example to other would-be asylum seekers which in turn, would hurt the operators of such boats.

PM Julia Gillard is not getting the job done, and in fact, is preventing the navy and customs and border agents throughout Australia from doing one of  the jobs Australian taxpayers are paying them to do, protect Australia’s shoreline.

PM Julia Gillard is no Margret Thatcher that’s for sure.