Many, many years ago in the French part of Canada there lived a teenager from Ontario with a very, very pretty girl he met while working on the ships.

Her name was Andree; a part-time worker in a bookstore and teenage escort for a high end call girl service while she attended Laval University in Ste. Foy.

She wasn’t a whack job either.

It’s too bad I caught her cheating on me otherwise we might be still together maybe even be grandparents.  It was more than a year ago that I tried to add her to my Facebook friends list. I’m still waiting for that to happen. When I was kid growing up in Ontario I would have never thought I would end up living in Quebec City, let being on a ship sailing to Europe when I was 17..

When I settled in Les Saules (a suburb of Quebec City) with Andreé, her widowed mother and three brothers, I needed to find work and the tanning factory was where I ended up finding work. It was a good job and it paid well/

Back then I would have never believed that a polar bear skin would one day be worth very much. I certainly didn’t think it might one day be worth $30,000.00

That’s the value the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canmore put on one a stolen one they recovered in Canmore.

During the couple of years I was a flesher at Maranda et Labrecque we only fleshed and tanned one polar bear skin; a wedding gift for Prince Charles and Princess Diana that apparently was to be put onboard the Royal yacht. Somebody told me it was going to hang on a bulkhead and another person told it was going to be a rug.

$30,000.00, eh?

FYI — If ever there was a place one should visit when heading into the Rockies Canmore is that place. I spent a New Year’s Eve there once with a very beautiful Ukrainian girl and some friends.  It was a great party but it wasn’t drug free.

There was one point during the party we were attending that a few of jumped into a taxi and headed off on a return trip to Calgary, though for what for is anybody’s guess. I think it might have been to get some recreational drugs.

I can’t remember.

Quebec City is another place one should visit in the winter time too.  I lived there for a couple of years before I stuck out my thumb and hitchhiked across the country by myself to Regina. Saskatchewan.

What a trip that was by the way.  I wasn’t scared though and it was a man from Barrie, Ontario with a brand new pick up truck that brought me to me final destination; to my dad’s house where I met my half-sister for the first time.

I met dad’s way younger than him wife a few months earlier when I flew into Regina during Buffalo Days to recuperate from a motorcycle accident I had in 1979.   It was in the same year Prince Charles and Princess Diama tied the royal knot.

I’ll never forget the Frenchman from France that accompanied the man from Barrie and I from Thunder Bay, where we picked up wannabe eco-terrorist who, was on his way to do some fruit picking before flying to France.

Anyway, $30,000,00 die  polar bear skin? Really?

I wonder what the value of seal skin, deer skin, moose skin, black bear, cheetah, beaver and muskrat pelts I fleshed was back then.

The man that stole the polar bear skin was drunk when the police arrested him after following his footprints in freshly fallen snow. Bad luck for him, huh?

Thankfully the head on the the very expensive floor covering was intact when the police recovered it. How lucky for the rightful owner.