Big H aka Prince Harry, is being credited with taking out a Taliban commander in Afghanistan with the gunship he was co-piloting near the end of October 2012.
And get this, Big H is apparently a legend, at least according to a defence department insider …

So the UK tabloid The Sun is saying anyway.

Legend my ass. Legends of the human species kind only become legends after they are dead, right?

A lot of other UK rags are saying the same fucking thing about Prince Harry, who was on his second tour of Afghanistan when, he took out a terrorist leader with an Apache helicopter.  Isn’t that gonna look good in his portfolio if he ever becomes anything more than a privileged prince.

Crooked in Canada thinks that what played out with Prince Harry in Afghanistan,  played out much differently than the sensational story underneath the BOLD PRINT HEADLINE the UK media sources are telling.  The story is good PR for the Royal Family, and make no mistake about it, there are a few people scoring brownie points and favours for letting the story be told in the press the way it is being told, if only Prince Harry needs a good headline to help the Royal Family pull his sorry ass out of the gutter.

Make no mistake about it, this story about Harry is a great opportunity for the Royal Family to polish up their public image a little, and Harry’s too.

At the end of the day though, were talking about Prince Harry, and we all know the shit he gets himself into when he isn’t serving his country is going to take a lot more polish than what alleged killing one high-ranking Taliban in Afghanistan.

Yeah, so anyway,  and if you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet … CC is thinking that maybe the story being told about Big H  taking out that Taliban leader didn’t really play out the way the media is telling the world it has  played out two months after the fact.

I don’t know …Read the story yourself.

Yeah, So There Might Be A Serial Killer Looking for You in the State of New York This Christmas Eve

Wow, and just before Christmas the powerful “Men in Blue” in New York City decide that now is a good time to warn the public that a serial killer is amongst them after the police found two precisely cut cubes of human flesh in a drain pipe somewhere in Michigan.

The two cubes were apparently an exact match to the wounds found on the unidentified remains of an obese woman. That obese woman was discovered in a pipe near the end of August 2012. Whether or not she had to be stuffed into the pipe, you know her girth, or whether it was a storm drain is anybody’s guess. The article I read didn’t mention it.

The victim’s body was apparently frozen first before it was carved up into bigger than average bite-size pieces.

Wondering how many cubes of flesh the serial killer cut out of the overweight woman?

Yeah so anyway, in the spirit of Christmas …

New York cops sitting atop that shit pile of a city sometimes known as The Big Apple, have decided to release information that they could have released a while ago; that there was a serial killer somewhere in the city.  Great fucking time boys!

Seriously, police knew the moment they examined that body they found a couple of months ago that there was a whack job on the loose … and yet they didn’t think the evidence they found at the scene was enough to share with the public.  Having said that, New Yorkers have been going about their day-t0-day bullshit with a real sick fucker in their midst.

He or she could be stalking you right now.

That demented killer has been walking amongst New Yorkers for almost five months now without New Yorkers knowing it.

I’m wondering how many paranoid New Yorkers are quivering this holiday season now.

Nothing like scaring the shit out of somebody at what is supposed to be the most joyous and wonderful time of the year.

Are You Serious — “Heaping praise on Newton shooter” — What a Joke!

Some fuckwit, a former teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, is praising mass child killer Adam Lanza. Carole MacInnes says, “he was a smart, sweet boy in her second-grade class. Bullshit! And I bet there are a few of his fellow classmates who might think otherwise when it comes to that school teacher.

He’s a killer, a cold-blooded killer, and make no mistake about it, he was born a killer. He was just a late-bloomer by some peoples’ standards. Unfortunately for his victims though, Adam Lanza was raised by a “wannabe survivor of the apocalypse,” a woman who according to some, was armed to the teeth because she either feared the end of the world, or feared being captured by zombies.

At the end of the day though, nobody of sound mind would be praising him, for his personality and character. He’s a mass murderer. Nothing more to it.

And then there is this infamous killer … only he’s Canadian.

Luke Magnotta aka The Butcher of Montreal, has been recognized as The Canadian Press’s 2012 News Maker of the Year.

Nice pat on the back for that sick fuck, huh?