Remember the Cannibal Cop who is on trial in New York City, Gilberto Valle

Well, his lawyer, a woman, is telling the judge that her client is guilty of nothing more than having dirty thoughts — that planning in a dialogue with an Indian butcher over the Internet to torture, kill and eat young women including his own fiancee, should be considered freedom of speech.

Are you fucking serious Julie Gatto? Like what kinda mind altering’ drugs are you on lady?

OMG… She’s off her fucking nut, man!

Said Gatto of Valle in her closing remarks at his trial,  “He has a disturbing, but far from unique, sexual fantasy about cannibalizing women?”

Like NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK! But don’t you think he should be locked up in a round rubber room for  just thinking those kinda thoughts?

Crooked in Canada is wondering if maybe Valle’s lawyer has been put on his menu, to you know, sate his sexual appetite.

Probably huh?

FYI — His lawyers closing argument was to no avail. The Cannibal Cop was found guilty of plotting to kidnap and eat women. CC isn’t sure if he was found guilty of conspiring to rape those women or not.

Having Sweet FA To Do With This Blog Post: Why You Shouldn’t Root In African Bushland

And if you’re wondering about British backpacker Sam Woodhead; apparently he’s missing again.

“Woodhead,” doesn’t that surname suit the young backpacker who went missing in the Queensland outback a few weeks ago?

If ever there was a Pommy who was so full of shit his eyes might be brown, the backpacker who went out for a jog at a cattle station with a change of clothes in hand and a bottle of contact lens solution that apparently helped him survive in the searing outback heat for three days would be that Pommy.

So what happened to that UK clown I wonder, and how much money has he pocketed from his quest for attention or fame?

19-year-old Sam Woodhead is missing again, and like it was the first time around for him, this time he is missing by choice too.

CC guesses that he might be thinking that people are onto him now and that he has deliberately gone out of his way to avoid having to defend himself against the allegation that his whole “missing in the outback” story is bullshit.

Come out, come out wherever you are, you lyin’ sack of teenage shit. Front the media and tell us more about your story.

Face the camera and convince us that you didn’t deliberately go out of your way to disappear in the outback, where as you said, “you couldn’t stand the taste of your own urine to keep you alive and so you sipped on contact lens solution to keep you hydrated under the searing hot outback sun.

You cost Queensland taxpayers a lot of time and money that could have been spent better elsewhere ya knob, and no, at the end of the day that money you were paid for giving an “exclusive interview” to a national TV network, doesn’t even come close to covering the cost of your rescue.

In CC’s opinion, Sam Woodhead should be held very accountable for his actions, those actions of which he is doing a pathetic job of convincing others, were not some sort of hoax or scam to garner attention, even maybe fame and fortune back home in England.

Any hope of joining the army back home is pretty much gone for the backpacker if it turns out that his story was nothing more than a pathetic attempt at gaining financially and drawing attention to himself.

And in the mean time, the rest of his story since being found in relatively good spirits and health for a guy lost in the outback for three days where the temperatures were in the high 30, 40 degree celsius range has been all gone missing in. That wannabe soldier’s story has disappeared off the ‘net’ and there is no follow-up to the story about the allegation being made against him.

So once again that British backpacker has gone missing. Maybe his “mummy” could shed some light on that, huh?