A lesbian convicted of murdering a cop after plunging a 12-inch butcher knife into his chest at the urging of her lover, was given an escorted temporary absence (ETA) pass by the warden at Fraser Valley Institution for Women in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and this despite the fact that the Parole Board of Canada had already rejected Elaine Rose Cece’s request for such a pass, a few months before the warden at Fraser Valley granted her one.

Said the parole board when they denied Cece’s request, “you lack insight into your crime and minimized the violence you have inflicted upon your victim.”  Her victim by the way, was a husband and father, and his wife was pregnant when he was stabbed to death.

It should have been the death penalty for that cold-blooded killer, dontcha think?

Constable William (Billy) Hancox was sitting in his surveillance van parked at a Scarborough strip mall in the fall of 1999 when Cece, at the request of her same-sex lover Mary Barbara Taylor, stabbed the cop in the chest through an open window of the van.

Both women received automatic life sentences.

On paper though, Taylor was sentenced to 18 years without being eligible for parole while Cece was sentenced to 16 years. She became eligible for parole in September 2011.

So much for life sentences in Canada, huh?

The cop of course received a life-ending sentence of his own — not to mention what his pregnant wife was put through.

Both cop killers are paying a small price for their crime, when in fact, they should be paying with their own lives as far as Crooked in Canada (CC) is concerned.

Having said all that, CC is kinda wondering if the warden who granted Cece the temporary pass in December of 2011 after the Parole Board of Canada had already denied Cece’s request, might have been having an intimate relationship with Cece while she was doing her time at Fraser Valley Institution for Women, and if that kinda motivated her to go against the Parole Board of Canada’s wishes.

Maybe somebody should be looking into what Warden Carol-Ann Reynen and Cece got up to while Cece was doing time for her crime at the Fraser Valley Institution for women, huh?