I just gotta do it man. There is no way this Crooked in Canada blogger can ignore this American scandal. How could any blogger?

Who can blame the former Director of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for dicky-dipping with somebody other than his wife, who has been described by many as the ‘alpha woman’ …  like WTF man … my god … have you seen her?

Compared to the woman General David Petraeus was rooting, Paula Broadwell,  his missus of thirty-seven years looks like some sort of she-beast — the kinda woman who I think decided for her husband during their almost four decades of marriage, when sex was over.

Seriously man, women don’t come any fucking uglier than his wife Holly at her age, and no it isn’t her hair.  Not too many women her age have the kinda influence and resources she has though; her father retired four-star General William Knowlton.

FYI — Holly is military royalty, and make no mistake about it, when General David Petraeus met her while he was attending West Point were her father was the superintendent, he definitely came up with a plan to fuck his way to the top of the military shit-pile he is now falling off of. I can’t imagine her being any less uglier back then she is today by the way.

How scorned and furious Holly is now, especially since the media and late-night talk show hosts are all over the story now, but you know what and at the end of the day,  I reckon she might have a few secrets of her own, you know, skeletons in her closet.

There is no way that she-beast is squeaky clean, that during her 37 years of marriage she didn’t fuck up a few times when it comes to fidelity, and I say this despite her she-beastial look today.

If the disgraced four-star general’s wife decides to file for divorce, as she should do given her husband’s ultimate betrayal, there is no doubt in my mind she will fall just as her husband is falling, and especially if the media gets even the slightest of sniffs that Holly Petraeus nee Knowlton might have some skeletons of her own in  her closet.

Crooked in Canada is looking forward to hearing and reading all about it in the very near future if there is in fact any dirt dug up on her.

Having said that, doesn’t this political/military/CIA scandal have all the makings of great TV mini-series?

No doubt the Americans are loving this scandalous story and have their eyes and ears glued to their TV sets to watch Foxnews and CNN’s coverage of the story.

Hey, there might even be a book for them to sate their hunger for this particular scandal, one that is making international headlines of epic proportions. Apparently the very sexy Paula Broadwell, the woman General Petraeus was dipping his dicky into while she was writing ‘his story’, is planning to write a ‘tell all book’ —  a sequel to the autobiography she wrote about her  married conquest — so the media is reporting anyway.

Then there are the other players in this American military soap opera, all of whom haven’t crawled out from behind the woodwork yet, or crawled out from under the rock they have been hiding under since the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) got a sniff that something wasn’t quite right with the director of the CIA while they were investigating where nasty emails to another woman who may have been rooting another high-ranking military officer while lusting after General Petraeus. Or maybe she was doing both of them — who the fuck knows, right? Who cares really, unless of course you’re an American.

There is definitely more to the story about Jill Kelley who may or may not have spread her legs for General Petraeus or that Marine General in Afghanistan, John Allen, who could have been rooting Broadwell while she was spreading her legs for General Petraeus .

Obviously this scandalous story is going to continue to unfold for many, many months. Looking forward to hearing and reading all about it, and I’m not even American.

If only there were juicy military scandals like this one in Canada, eh?  Shows how boring it is (outside of battle of course and maybe training) for our Canadian soldiers doesn’t it?