Having cared for a child who was up for adoption many years ago I often find myself wondering about what became of him after he left the therapeutic foster care program I worked with and for while I was living in Calgary.

I hope JP, who at the time he was placed into my care was 9 years old, was fortunate enough to have been adopted by a caring and loving family like the one the founder of the Wendy’s hamburger was when he was just six weeks old, and that he has a success story of his own being told about him one day.

Dave Thomas did good and make no mistake about it, his adoptive parents would have been very, very proud of what they undoubtedly enabled their adoptive child to become, a success story in his own right.

FYI — Not only was David Rex “Dave” Thomas the chief executive officer and founder of the Wendy’s fast-food chain, he also was a philanthropist who founded the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, and he served his country as a mess sergeant in the U.S. Army.

Dave Thomas earned his stripes serving food and he got rich beyond his wildest dreams doing it.

Good on Rex and Auleva Thomas for adopting the six-week-old baby boy of the unmarried woman who gave birth to Dave Thomas in Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 2nd, 1932.

Kudos to his grandmother too, Minnie Sinclair, who taught the philanthropist and successful businessman the importance of service and treating others well and with respect, after his adoptive mother died when he was five years old.

And then there is author Maya Angelou, Apple founder Steve Jobs, NFL quarterback Dante Culpepper, country music stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela, former first ladies Nancy Reagan and Eleanor Roosevelt, and fictional super hero Clark Kent; all of whom were adopted or came from adoptive families.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton; he was adopted too. Not too sure if his adoptive parents would have approved of that cigar incident with intern Monica Lewinksy though.

Via: American Adoptions