Keyshawn Johnson — Justin Bieber Is ‘Playing with Dynamite’ |

Gawd, where the feck is that Canadian kid’s mommy, huh Lindsay and Amanda?

I don’t care what anybody else thinks about Justin Bieber, but in my honest opinion he is heading down the same path as Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and DMX.

Remember him?

Probably not huh?

The little shit (Bieber)¬† is either going to wind up running somebody down with his Ferrari hooning ways in Calabasas, California, behind bars if he doesn’t get his shit together soon, or down and out big time; his Beliebers having all but deserted him during the next couple of years or so because of the shit stirrer he is being convinced by those cashing in on him to come across as being in a teenage girl’s eyes.

Just saying man.

And make no mistake about it, Justin Bieber is loving all the attention he is getting in the media, but maybe not the attention he is being paid by other celebrities, like Keyshawn Johnson for example.

If Bieber thinks for one minute he is going to get away with some of the shit he has been getting away with for much longer, he needs to pull his head out of his arsehole and stop listening to those cashing in on his fame and fortune, like say, the people producing his fecking shitty music.

If he doesn’t want to do that, then at the very least, he should install a technological eye in his belly button¬† so he can see where the fecking hell he is going.

Lol, and he ran into the house after being confronted by former NFL player Jeyshawn Johnson.

You’re too feckin’ funny Biebs. Was you’re mommy there to make it all better for you?

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