Gerard Bernard Clay Committal Hearing — ‘How Much Proof Do You Need Your Honour?’

Although it is a total waste of time and the Queensland taxpayer’s money, there is a committal hearing going on in Brisbane to determine weather or not there is enough evidence to send that piece of shit, Gerard Baden-Clay, who by the way, murdered his wife for insurance money and pussy as far as a lot of Queenslanders are concerned, to trial.

Crooked in Canada thinks that the photographs police took of the bastard while interviewing him not long after he reported his wife Allison Baden-Clay missing are more than enough to send the wife-killer to trial today. Hey, think of the taxpayer money you would save if you just accepted the evidence you have heard in the past two days and just get on with putting that piece of shit behind bars for the rest of his life.

Yeah your honour, he didn’t get those bruises, scratches and abrasions on his neck from fucking the woman he was planning to run away with after he collected on Allison’s life insurance policy.

Naah, his wife was defending herself, doing whatever it takes to get away from him and lock herself in a room or run out on the street screaming that she needed help.

Too bad she didn’t have a knife or a pair of scissors in her hand to stick him the chest with.

Gerard Baden-Clay should have died the night his wife died, not her. Too bad he couldn’t be facing the death penalty, which he should be, if they were still hanging people in Australia ya know.

He doesn’t even deserve to go trial with the amount of evidence against him, circumstantial or not, and at the end of the second day of what Crooked in Canada thinks is just a formality now, his committal hearing should be over today so that the judge can be sitting on the bench tomorrow to tell the wife-killer should indeed go to trial for what is obviously a premeditated murder.

Or, the judge could just throw into a herd of stampeding horny bulls chasing cows on one of the cattle stations in Western Australia.

No way man, not much hope of that prick surviving something like that, especially on cattle stations with a few thousand of horny bulls without broken dicks chasing females around on the plains.

Oh and by the fucking way all you anti-death penalty crusaders and you “Stop Live Export Motherfuckers (also known as SLEM) living and protesting in the land down under, that clown who raped that TV journalist in a laneway three times in Victoria, Australia before murdering her … you know Jill Meagher, well that piece of shit wishes he could be put to death for his crime.

Adrian Bayley said as much when he was interviewed by the cops and then released earlier on in their investigation  of the disappearance and death of Meagher, who apparently thought it was okay to walk home in the wee hours of the morning by herself after she knocked back a few drinks with friends during a night on the town.

Her assailant has pleaded guilty to his crime, but at the end of the day, that motherfucker needs to be put down like one would put down an animal on a cattle station.

Ed Moynihan Murder — ‘In this murder mystery in Panama CC Reckons someone close to him did it’

Crooked in Canada (CC) just heard about the story of Ed Moynihan, a Canadian man who went missing in Panama a few month ago, and whose body was found stuff in a suitcase not more than a few days ago.

The poor bugger died without his glasses on, which CC reckons really upset his wife given that she said that when her husband went missing last November she was away on a visit back home in Ottawa, Canada and was concerned to find his glasses still at the home she shared with her husband home in Panama¬† when she returned to the home she shared with her husband in Panama.¬† By the way, isn’t being in another country at the time of one’s husband’s death convenient for suspects in this case, huh?

“Nope I wasn’t there and I can prove it,” the victim’s wife could say between tears and sniffles if she had to during her interrogation. Make no mistake about it, homicide detectives will be questioning her more than once.

You know, she could talk some shit to deflect attention away the role she could have played in husbands’ murder.

If she didn’t do it the possibility still remains that she could have paid hired a hitman to take her husband out. It’s not like Canadian women are known for doing shit like that either Canada.

He could have been killed for money too you know, just like Allison Baden-Clay, who was murdered by her husband so it is said, for the life insurance policy her husband was the beneficiary of. And maybe Mrs. Moynihan was having an affair with another woman just like Gerard Baden-Clay was when he allegedly murdered his wife and then pretended that she has mysteriously disappeared.

You just never fucking know these days …

All CC is saying is that his wife could have had him killed so she could collect on his life insurance policy and maybe fuck off with another woman just like Baden-Clay was planning on doing when he began planning the murder of his wife.

The investigation into Ed Moynihan’s murder is ongoing, and at the end of the day CC wouldn’t be surprised to hear that his wife had something to do with his death.

And if she didn’t kill him then it had to be somebody he was fucking around with, like somebody he was in business with down there, or someone he was having an affair with or maybe even someone who had the most to gain with him being dead, like one’s children for example.

CC is just saying man.