First a little something about what I was planning to blog about before I stumbled across yet another story about Nurse Jacintha Saldhana (I think that’s how you spell her last name), a women who many think ended her life because of what two Australians did to her while she was working her shift at a hospital where a member of the Royal Family was being treated.

So I’m sitting here wondering (before I stumbled upon more of Nurse Jacintha Saldhana’s story) what the fuck is going on in Canada at this time of the day, a couple of days before Christmas, and if it is worth my time to get online and surf the net for all the news happening events in Canada.

I bet it is snowing hard somewhere in Canada, and that there are a few holiday travellers on the highway putting up with the bullshit driving in the prairie winter brings with it everytime they have to fuck off somewhere for Christmas.

Sucks to be those travellers is all I can say sitting  where I am sitting after a second consecutive day of  playing golf in the Tweed Shire. I have been breaking in a new set of golf clubs and am loving it more than I would be if I was spending the holiday season in Canada. Tomorrow I am back on the golf course again.

I tell ya what though, I really don’t miss the Canadian snow and cold during Christmas one bit, but I do miss those people I have spent a few Christmases with.

So is there a place getting slammed by Old Man Winter in Canada at the moment I wonder.

I’m gonna surf the net to find out, and then push some buttons for the entertainment value my pushing buttons provides to the regular visitors and subscribers to

Before I get to the Christmas snowstorms blowing in Canada, CC wants to make mention of that nurse in the UK who “offed herself” after she was pranked by two Australian DJs, who by the way are in hiding due to death threats from fuckwits who are too quick to blame them for what that mentally unbalanced person did to herself after being outted that she was the victim of a prank which involved the Duchess of Cambridge. She’s dead because she chose to take her own life, not because of two DJs whose prank went horribly wrong a couple of days after they pulled it off.

Like seriously, if that nurse was “all there” in the first place,  she wouldn’t have had to be sedated/medicated for depression.

The DJs as far as I’m concerned, their prank anyway, isn’t to blame for pushingJacintha Saldhana over the edge.

How could they have known that a nurse on shift at the hospital where Kate Middleton was being treated for “morning sickness” apparently, was that unstable; that an innocent and what was supposed to be a totally harmless prank, could be fatal to their mark. She hung herself by the way, with her own two hands — she chose to take her own life for reasons other than the fact she might have been humiliated by the entire episode.

I bet she has had worse pranks pulled on her before, and never gave a moments thought to offing herself after being embarrassed or whatever from  those pranks.

FYI — She did try to kill herself before.

At the end of the day there are a lot people that before the prank, could be blamed for either not doing enough for her, or maybe totally ignoring her problems, choosing instead to let the meds do the job for them..

Just saying.

Sorry, just had to say it.

Now back to the snowstorms blowing in Canada this weekend and into Christmas … No what, fuck the storms… I’m going to bed.