I play Texas Hold Em poker online — not often, and not for much money either, not unless you count the 25 cent and 1 dollar games I play for little or no reward. I won’t mention the website, and it’s a pretty good website too, but nah.

As an “account holder” you would think there would be more incentives too keep me spending my money on their internet scheme.

And then I get to thinking between poker hands that I could make use of the down time between checking, betting and dealing at a 9 player table in a 25 cent or 1 dollar 45 player competition for 12 bucks and a bit of change.

So having said that …

Throwing sandwiches at Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard seems to be catching on; the second time now that somebody in the crowd as thrown a sandwich at her.

Wow! It should have maybe been something a little messier. Something to match her rusty coloured haired.

Just over a week ago it was Vegemite. Today it was a salami sandwich a high school student threw at the most powerful woman in the country.

The last time she was pelted with a sandwich, the kid who says he didn’t throw the sandwich at her,  was suspended from school and Julia refused to intervene on his behalf during a talk show moment a day or two later. She was staying out of it.

Anyway, today in the nation’s capital, Canberra, another high school student threw a sandwich at the prime minister.

The person that threw the sandwich at her today, if he or she is ever caught, should go down for the sandwich assault a little.

Don’t you think that that high school kid should go to boot camp or a youth detention centre for a while, you know, until he grows up a little more and learns a loaf more of respect for our leaders.  Suspending high school sandwich throwers doesn’t seem to be working so yeah, lock them up instead.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard wouldn’t have been as hurt and heartbroken as that poor Miss Universe Canada contestant who won the crown and then was knocked off her throne a short time later due to human error or something like that.

And that dethroned beauty queen doesn’t have nearly as much hurt on her, as the Canadian chef whose pregnant wife was raped and murdered, while she was walking home from work just over a week ago.

The sick bastard who raped and murdered Joan Ryther doesn’t even deserve a trial if you ask me.

Straight to the feckin’ gallows when he is caught!

String him up by his neck and torture him while he is on his way to the gallows.

Lynch mob anybody?

After a couple of hours of playing poker I’m down a whole 5 bucks — OMG!   But I’m not hurting nearly as much in losing something as the Canadian man whose wife was raped and murdered in Logan (just outside of Brisbane and not very far from her home) has been hurting for the past few days.

Like I already said, “rhe sick bastard that did that should hang for his crime.”

And going  into my last poker game of the day here’s what else I have to say and publish on my blog about some of the shit going on around the part of the world I live in.

There’s a guy here in Australia (a nurse he was when he committed 11 murders) who went on trial this week for torching down the nursing home he worked in.

That twisted bastard should be put to death whether he had his shit together or not at time he committed his crime.

Feck me!

Roger Dean was sane enough to get educated enough to get into nursing so, how the feck is he sot far out there that, he should get away with killing 11 people at the Quakers Hill nursing home?

There is no fecking way he should skate on the 11 murder charges he has been convicted of after he pleaded guilty to the murders on the first day of his trial. No fecking way.

Drugs or not, mentally disturbed or whatever, is no excuse for one murder let alone 11 murders.

Kill the sick bastard is what myself and many Aussies are saying.

Poker night is over now.

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