And the assumption at Crooked in Canada is that the Pope is lying about why he is resigning.

For the first time in something like 600 years (700 years depending on who is the expert historian), the head of the Catholic church,  the church with all the pedophile priests in it,  has resigned his papacy.

Apparently Pope Benedict XVI has concerns about his health, but Crooked in Canada thinks that’s just BULLSHIT.

Naah, in Crooked in Canada’s opinion the only reason the 85-year-old pontiff is stepping down is because, there is something about him that is about to be made public that is going to paint him in a bad light and make the Catholic Church look really, really bad, leaving it worse off then it already is thanks to Catholic priests who have thing for young boys.

Hey for all anybody knows, including Fox News, maybe somebody (or an organization maybe) has dug up some dirt on the old German bastard, who has sat upon the throne in The Vatican for the past eight years, and who during his time as Pope, has done sweet fuck all to clean up the church’s image.

You know, he used to be a Nazi back in the day.

How in the hell he ever managed to become a Pope is beyond this agnostic blogger. That’s pretty fucked up shit man.

Hey, for all anybody knows Pope Benedict could have been a Nazi pedophile back in the day. He could have had a sick kinda thing for Jewish boys back in the day, and if he did, it might be coming back to haunt him now, and that’s why he is resigning.

Crooked in Canada isn’t buying for one second that he is resigning because of his frail health. There has to be a darker, more sinister reason, for his becoming the first Pope in what is it now, 6 or 7 centuries.

Furthermore, other Popes have been far worse off  health wise and they somehow manage to continue on with their papacy until their time was up on this planet. Crooked in Canada sees no reason why Benedict cannot do the same.

Yeah so anyway, Crooked in Canada doesn’t believe for one second that Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down over concerns for his health or because of his age.

That’s just a pile of bullshit.

Oh and another thing, the Vatican (St. Peters) was struck by lightening two hours after the Pope went public with his resignation.

Hmm … What do you reckon about that, huh?

Looking forward to reading what others have to say on their blogs about Pope Benedict’s resignation.

Latest update after I tapped out this blog the day before yesterday but didn’t publish it: The Pope says he is resigning for the good of the church. That has me wondering if maybe he isn’t being blackmailed into resigning. You just never know, what with all the corruption and backstabbing that goes on at the Vatican, and of course the game-playing there. Once again Crooked in Canada is just saying.

Oh and before I forget — that Canadian Cardinal has about as much of chance of becoming the next Pope as the devil has at making snowmen in hell.

Seriously, are Canadian Catholics that fucking thick to believe that a Canadian Catholic could one day be a Pope? Like smarten the fuck up already. Pull your head outta your ass.