So from now on, starting today on this blog,  the rest of my life is going to play out in techno-media-print (?).  You’re thinking, “huh,” right?

Anyway …

Lucky me,, somewhere between seven and eight this morning I was in a ute headed for an airport, remembering where exactly it was in Emerald, but turned out not to be in the end.

We damn near drove past it though. But this eagle-eyed Canadian blogger spotted it before it was too late, and he was on it real quick with his good Samaritan friend, who by the way was, delivering a truck his son had purchased in Melbourne. He is a good guy.

The owner of the petrol station is a good too.  If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have met the other fella. His petrol station was damn near next door the only pub in town; a replacement for the one that burned to the ground in 1984.

Google Planet Inn to learn more about that place.

Anyway, where the old Planet Inn used to be many, many decades ago stands nothing but a cheap, shabbily built building under a weak tin roof. There’s a kitchen in it too, which by the way is only open for 4 hours a day, and even fewer on Sunday. It’s a dump. And the motel rooms aren’t much better.

There is free camping there too.

Only about 60 people live in the Central Queensland town where the Planet Inn used to be.  Most of them probably have memories of the massive floods of 201o.

Crooked in Canada thinks it was then…

Anyway, the important thing is that we are all survivors (present world leaders exclude of course), or as Crooked in Canada thinks survivors are referred to in  the land down, “battlers.”

FYI and way the feck off topic — Asylum seekers are given quite a gift from Australian  taxpayers when they land on the north shores in leaky boats.

Motherfeckers are suicidal if you ask Crooked in Canada!

Asylum seekers  get off easy compared to some of the bullshit I had to go through with to get permanent residency when it comes to Australian immigration.

Boat people, who Crooked in Canada assumes, are looking to make a go of it in their life in Australia instead of living in a shithole they were living in before they wound up on Australian shores. Lucky feckers, they have it a lot easier when it comes to the hoops this Crooked in Canada had to jump through to get permanent residency.

When this CC blogger landed in Australia in 2004, and through the front door …

Like I said, they have it a lot easier now than I did back then when it comes to getting permanent residency status in the lucky country.,

Ha ha! But I digress.

Anyway, I’m back in town safe and sound from an adventure I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with. We all get that sometimes, right?

More to come … Absolutely!

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