Parents who kill their children out of revenge, spite or whatever should automatically be facing the death penalty, and if by some miracle the mom or dad are found not criminally responsible for killing their offspring, then the crazy motherfeckers should spend the rest of their lives in a padded cell, like the one’s they used to have in Penatanguishene, Ontario.

What a nuthouse that place was back in the day apparently, huh Ontario?

CC might actually know somebody that has been locked up in that asylum back in the day.  That woman didn’t murder anybody but CC wouldn’t have put it past her to kill her own children out spite after somebody got under her skin. That woman by the way, is happily living in a small town somewhere in Ontario, oblivious to the fact that most of the 800 or so locals living there no exactly what she is all about. She doesn’t have many friends in her hometown these days.

A woman who lost custody of her children to her ex-husband a couple of years ago, has drowned her children, just like that crazy Australian sheila Alison McConnell did in Edmonton about three years ago.

Today Sonia Blanchette was smiling as she was led to the prisoner’s box in a courthouse 100 kilometers outside of Montreal, where she is answering to first-degree murder charges filed against her, after she drowned  the three siblings.

What does anybody in Canada wanna bet that like Dr. Guy Turcotte, who murdered his children after he lost a custody battle with his ex-wife, that crazy spiteful bitch is going to get off thanks to the oft played NCR (not criminally responsible) card.

What a trump card that is turning out to be for murderers in Canada, huh?

There will be no justice for anybody in this case and at the end of the day thanks to the Not Criminally Responsible Act, Sonia Blanchette is more than likely gonna be walking the streets of Montreal or some other Canadian city in a few years time albeit with behaviour changing medication in her blood stream.

Sonia Blanchette’s trial is expected to begin sometime next year if the crazy bitch lives that long. Who knows what will happen between now and then.

If she is contemplating suicide right now, she might have more success than Allyson McConnell did while she was locked up in a nuthouse in Alberta before and during her trial for drowning her three children when her husband asked her for a divorce and told her he would be seeking sole custody of their children.

FYI – In Calgary a mother has pleaded guilty to lesser charges than she was charged with after she killed her infant son. Shelby Anna Herchak made a deal with the Crown prosecutor and instead of going to trial to face a second degree charge laid against her after she caused the head injuries that claimed her 26-day-old son Daniel’s life.  Shelby Herchak should be spending the rest of her life behind bars but won’t thanks to spineless Canadian lawmakers and enforcers.

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