I’m a risk taker, in fact I’m too big of a risk taker for my own good sometimes, but taking risks throughout my life has brought me good fortune and lasting memories gathered from around the world.

The last “big risk” I took was back in 2004 and while it hasn’t paid off big for me and it has been a battle for me ever since, I have managed to carve out a life for myself in a country without the freezing cold temperatures of winter I endured during my fourty-some odd years in Canada.

I buy lottery tickets too and from time-to-time I cash in. But not a lot though. Maybe tonight is my lucky night, but by the way my poker games are going tonight it isn’t looking good for me as far as getting a piece of that 30-million dollar lottery jackpot goes tonight.

There are plenty of risk takers on this planet; like that crazy and spiteful ex-girlfriend of Canadian world poker champion Jonathan Duhamel for example.

Wasn’t his ex-girlfriend a crazy bitch for plotting, and then eventually in a failed attempt, trying to steal her piece of Duhamel’s big win in the Main Event of the¬† 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP).

And now Bianca Rojas-Latraverse has the next 42 months to think about her stupidity while she struggles to carve out a life for herself  behind bars. (Read her story)

The crazy bitch deserves to be locked up longer for planning the home invasion in which her ex-boyfriend was assaulted and robbed during a home invasion, but … Well you know how it is in Canada when it comes to justice, huh my fellow Canadians?