Boohoo, the Americans should have strung Omar Khadr up by his nuts for his horrible crime against humanity, the one he admitted his guilt too, albeit it took several years for him to do that thanks to the bullshit his lawyers were feeding him while he was locked up in Guantanamo Bay.

And furthermore, it could have just as easily been a Canadian soldier on the shit of the end of that firefight in Afghanistan; the one  in which Khadr, who was supplying material support to terrorism, lobbed a hand grenade at a U.S. soldier  and left an American housewife a widow. Seriously, Omar Khadr should have been sentenced to death as should any Taliban supporter or sympathizer who takes a human life in the name of a pedophile, that prophet Mohamed.

Nevertheless, that piece of shit has managed to find his way back into Canada, and for whatever reason people are feeling sorry him, and in particular a now dead gay zoologist in British Columbia who left the most notorious terrorist to ever be born in Canada the sum of $700 to be put toward his education. LMFAO — yeah that amount will go far in helping to educate a man who is now hell bent on exacting revenge against the Americans and Canadians who pretty much left him where he belonged, to rot away in a military prison.

Jack Hallam, who was 84 years old when he kicked the bucket has shown what kind of unpatriotic Canadian he is by throwing his support behind a convicted terrorist.

Hallam, from this day forward, should be remembered  as having  provided material support to a terrorist. He’s as unpatriotic as they come as far as this Canadian is concerned.